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Artix's Story

"Legendary Hero of Good"

Once upon a time...

Artix is a Paladin. A holy knight of good who defends the world from the forces of evil. He is honest, friendly and pure of heart. With his magical battleaxe, the Blinding Light of Destiny, and his fearless battle puppy, Daimyo, he is best summarized by his inspiring battlecry, "BATTLE ON!"



A Hero spanning 7 different games...

Artix appears in games including AdventureQuest, DragonFable, MechQuest, and AdventureQuest Worlds as a loyal friend of your character. Each of his incarnations shares a similar backstory... as a young child he was the only survivor as his home town and foster family fell to a Necromancer's undead army. Taken in by the wise and kind Lady Celestia, he was trained by the Order of Paladins - this was very much against their will, as Artix was unable to use Light-based magic.  A prerequisite to casting healing and defensive magic. Celestia alone knew why, and it was a secret she kept from both Artix and the order. (The full story is told in the DoomWood Saga of the game AdventureQuest Worlds.) Artix became a champion of good. Themes of his stories include never giving up, always choosing to do "what is right" over the easy path, and judging people by who they are, instead of what they are.


Artix vs the Undead
Artix (by Diozz)

"Artix vs the Undead" Animation

Prior to releasing his back story, a 3-minute short film titled "Artix vs the Undead" was released. In the first week, it received a million views on YouTube and another million on Google Video. The story continued within the game DragonFable, revealing the Necromancer to be  "Vayle", a girl who was a childhood friend, and possibly a love interest. She was working for story's main villain under the promise that he would bring her brother back to life. In destroying the crystal, Vayle believed Artix destroyed what remained of her brother. She swore vengeance. As it turns out, Artix has a lot of girl problems.


Fan Art!

Be sure to check out the Facebook gallery of Artix Fan Art from the past few years.


Artix Fan Art Artix Fan Art
Artix Fan Art Artix Fan Art Artix Fan Art

Follow Artix stuff!

While Artix is a character, I do my game development under his name. (Like Batman, I expect the name to be passed down to my successors... but not just yet. I have a lot left to do.) Follow the Artix Facebook page and Twitter. The action figure of Artix can be found on the Toys"R"Us website and on HeroMart.com.




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